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The Wanderlust Collection

Wanderlust is defined as the desire for, or impulse to, wander or travel and explore the world, and with so much beauty out there, this longing is one we at Yoga Democracy can easily identify with.

In fact, honoring and doing our part to preserve the earth, and the amazing wonders mother nature has given us, is a fundamental value of our brand. Our use of eco-friendly techniques, fabrics from recycled fibers, and handcrafting our apparel in our AZ workshop, allows us to leave as small of a carbon imprint as possible, so we can worry less and wander often!

Introducing the Wanderlust Collection of active wear leggings. A series of globally inspired prints that bring to life the colorful world that surrounds us. With inspiration coming from nature and cultural influences, combined with regional color pallets and designs, if your passport has been screaming to be stamped, and your soul is yearning to get out and explore, this collection may just help that craving.

Our 10-piece collection of 5 exclusive artwork prints is available now, each design thoughtfully crafted to bring the countries of India, Egypt, Cuba, Japan, and Tibet to life while you practice. Our Mystic Elephant design offers delicate henna inspired patterns while honoring the symbolism of the wise Elephant in Indian culture. Egyptology is full of gold hues and blue accents combined with the strength of King Tut's expression. Zen Water Garden showcases Japan's natural colorful flowers, strokes of water, and birds against a soft light purple, and our Intention design welcomes bright & bold colors, featuring the Tibetan Prayer flags known to promote peace, compassion, and strength. 

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