Winter Collection

Winter is a time of silence, of stillness. It is the period of each year in which we go within: the natural world quiets, shrouds itself in ice and snow, and waits for spring to come again. 

But, there are creatures that brave the cold. Cunning predators use white and greys as their shield in the wild, maneuvering the vast and frozen wastelands of the Arctic and beyond. 

Our Winter Collection draws inspiration from the frigid north, and infuses anyone who wears it with power and freedom. Lone Wolf and Ice Breaker feature captivating creatures in winter scenes: the wolf and the polar bear. Both represent strength, courage and freedom, according to cultures across the globe. 

There’s power in the pack, to be sure, but being a Lone Wolf means trusting yourself above all others. It means confidence, courage and aptitude. Taking the path of the Lone Wolf will never be easy, but it will always be worth it. 

The polar bear is one of the most intriguing and mysterious creatures of the north. Their past is shrouded in legend and myth, and they continue to mystify today. Polar bears are the only bear to be classified as a marine mammal, as they spend much of their existence hunting on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean. Ice Breaker is our newest winter print.

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