Yoga Democracy was founded with the vision to create high quality, sustainable garments that support the people, the planet, and all of the aspects of the yoga lifestyle. Because here at Yoga Democracy, yoga isn’t simply physical movement.

Yoga is meditation and mental health. Yoga is flowing through life. Yoga is holding space, for others and ourselves. Yoga is harmony between the outer world, and the inner world. At the end of the day, we create clothing to support every aspect of yoga.

Yoga Democracy Founders

Travis, Chief Dreamer

“Connection... I live for connection. I love to connect people with themselves, with others, and with mother nature; and then watching them inspire and create”

Travis is our company co-founder and catalyst. His mind, full of elaborate ideas and big dreams, makes for an office constantly flowing with creative juices. From fashion shows to company outings, he brings out the adventurous child out in all of us.

Haley, Co-Founder & Lead Designer

“I am inspired everyday by our customers; their voice during social injustices, their commitment to the environment, and their choice to create change in this crazy world. Everyday it is my pleasure to create for them; create a space for them to feel seen, feel inspired, proactive, and ready for action. Because when what you wear aligns with what you believe in, amazing things can happen.”

Haley is the glue that holds our entire company together. Her compassion for every employee and dedication to every garment sewn results in a product of love and inspiration. She starts the sewing process of every product we create and touches every garment that gets completed. She is the first to arrive and the last to leave the office to ensure everyone is set up for success each and every day

Holly, Partner & Human Resources

“We are family and we enjoy creating beautiful things for beautiful people - which creates beautiful smiles”

People are her specialty. To her, company culture means family. She ensures everyone that works in our company has a voice and is heard. Happy workers create quality products that carry good energy and she is all about the good energy.

Jerry, Production Manager

“What I appreciate most about yoga democracy is that the culture empowers all involved, and I am incredibly thankful to be a part of that”

Jerry is in charge of making sure all of our products come out as vibrant and colorful as we imagine them to be. He makes sure all of our fabric is printed to perfection, organized and delivered to the seamstresses.

Maria, Lead Seamstress

“I love working at Yoga Democracy because i enjoy sewing, I love the variety of items I can sew everyday and it gives me pleasure making sure every item is done perfect.”

Maria has been with the company from day one. She is the office mom and lead seamstress. As the lead seamstress, she sets the pace for the rest of the seamstresses. She also sews all of the bras with amazing care and love.

Britney, Wholesale Senior Account Manager

“It is a beautiful sight to see a dream become a sketch, then a piece of fabric, then a product that inspires someone”

Britney is the light behind every connection. Her ability to make anyone smile and bring the positive in every situation opens doors and facilitates connection and opportunity. She is in charge of running events and trade shows as well as leading the company wellness program through in-office yoga classes and guided meditations.

Jay, eCommerce Manager

“I love how motivated the yoga democracy team is and I have always admired the dedication to environmental sustainability”

Jay is the wizard behind the curtain making sure our website runs smoothly and looks even better to ensure the best customer experience possible when navigating our cyberspace.

Kaler, Serger & Coverstitch Operator



Voodoo Mayhem, Office Guard Dog

The hours are ruff, but I really love all the humans I work with here because they all spend at least ten minutes a day rubbing my butt. So basically I am getting my butt rubbed all day long. Also they make me toys with extra fabric. So it's pretty great.