Meet Gabi (they/them): Yoga Democracy’s Creative Director and Marketing Manager. They are an Ashtangi who is passionate about sustainability, loves handstands and contortion, and is proud of their non-binary and trans identities. Learn more about what Pride and the Double Rainbow print means to them.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the Double Rainbow Print?

A: I adore the rainbows that boldly ebb and flow along the sides of the body. I think it is a wonderful representation of how we all go through various phases or moments in life. The experience of joy is that much more beautiful because we have also experienced sorrow. And it is this wonderful spectrum of such experiences that arrange themselves to become a rainbow of Pride. As a result, this print further honors a deeper level of inclusivity for me.



Q: What does Pride mean to you?

A: Pride Month is a time that symbolizes a beautiful moment in my life where I found a crucial part of my identity as being non-binary and bisexual. It also required many years of deep shadow work and introspection for me to not only accept my individuality but to also cultivate the self compassion to validate that for myself. Pride Month also showcases our community where deserving souls can express themselves freely as they are. It is a time where we lift each other up and support everyone on their journey of discovering who they are. Allies can support us by seeing us and listening to our collective voice as a way to educate themselves to better understand the LGBTQ+ community.  

Q: What inspires your style for Pride Month?

A: I truly love anything and everything about rainbows! Especially during Pride Month, I am quite obsessed. This is my second Pride month where I am proudly out to the world as I am. So I love the freedom of expressing myself with all of the colors visible to the human eye. Because, why not? I just can!

Q: What does it mean to be non-binary and bisexual? 

A: For me, being Non-Binary is that I am both a woman and man, and also I am neither a women or man because I fall outside of that binary entirely. However, for other non-binary folks, their own definitions may be different for them! My bisexual orientation means that I love all genders. Because, unlike what most people think, the history of the term was never meant to be limited to only two genders, but to a variety of genders. For others, they may prefer the term pansexual, or they may even use both terms interchangeably. That’s the beauty of Pride: gender identity and sexual orientation can be defined in endless ways because there’s no right or wrong way to be who you are. 

Q: How does sustainability play a part in your life?

A: A couple years ago, I made the decision to stop supporting fast fashion and to make environmentally friendly choices whenever possible. As a student working on a BSD in Graphic Design with a certificate in biomimicry, I believe that the intersection of design and sustainability is something that needs to have much more prominence in this world. 

@gabithepeach is wearing our newest pride tribute, Double Rainbow, which comes in our Limitless Bra, Reversible Knot Top, Joey Shorts, Leggings, and Bellbottoms! 

June 09, 2022 — Haley Byfield

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