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Do you want to be part of a project to inspire transparency in the activewear industry and earn a little extra cash along the way?

We're dedicated to manufacturing in the U.S. and creating a lower carbon footprint alternative to mainstream activewear brands. We have dedicated ourselves to producing a consistently high-quality product that doesn't compromise on ethics, performance or style.

What does it mean to join Team YD?

+ Help to promote USA-made and environmentally responsible activewear

+ Collaborate on giveaways, Instagram yoga challenges, photoshoots and event meet-ups

+ Create high-quality, inspiring visual and written content in and about Yoga Democracy clothing

+ Contribute to blogs, engage with other members of Team YD

+ Rep and be repped by Yoga Democracy

+ Make money while doing it all

+ Choose your own journey as an affiliate or an ambassador



+Engage on social media

+Share discounts, create visual content

+Insta giveaways and yoga challenges

+Get great discounts on YD apparel

+Earn cash

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+Promote YD from your blog or site

+Share discounts, create written content

+Get your content featured by YD

+Host giveaways on your site

+Earn cash

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We can't wait to work with you!