I am thrilled our new Print For Purpose print, Electric Flow, is finally having its debut! As a Print for Purpose, we are doubling down on our 1% for the planet donation for the first 72 hrs of this print launch, so 2% of your purchase with Yoga Democracy during this weekend will go directly to the Ocean Conservancy!
Growing up in Florida, I have a deep love for the ocean.  As a little girl I had this deep obsession with jellyfish because that was one of the only animals I could actually see out there in the water with me. (Mind you, I would have probably been obsessed with humpback whales if they were in the water with me, but for 5 year old Haley, whales were out of sight out of mind. HAHA) But the jellyfish were incredible. They were completely clear, and I could see everything going on in their whole body. I thought maybe I could read their mind if stared at them long enough. I couldn’t understand why they were dangerous. They couldn’t bite me like a shark could, and they were just so beautiful, like ballerinas of the sea. But, having experienced one sting, I realized jellyfish are actually the most powerful, dangerous creatures on the planet. I went on to learn that they are super unique because they use bioluminescence, basically bright flashes of light to scare away predators. In that moment, I realized the power in showing my inner light; that my light could actually scare away people that were trying to cause me harm. And I thought, maybe, showing their light, is what in fact made them the most powerful and the most feared creature in the ocean. 
I got to see the bioluminescence one time in my life, in 2017 near Cocoa Beach, Florida, and although the jellyfish and other organisms in the water weren’t necessarily pink, green and purple like I have conveyed in this print, the colors were electric like nothing I had ever seen before. I couldn’t take my eyes off the incredible vibrancy, like there was a ray of light through them with every color of the rainbow all visible at different moments. I could see everything so clearly in the water, it was glowing like Avatar, and there was such a feeling of peace watching the world below the surface, moving with such grace and flow. 
I couldn’t help but feel guilt and anger that humans were choosing to pollute the waters that we were paddle boarding through that night. 
In designing this print, my hope was to capture the vibrancy that is in the ocean, and put emphasis on not allowing it to fade away or turn white due to our mass pollution. But, I also want to emulate that same concept in our lives too. To wear these bright, energetic colors to keep the vibrancy alive within each and every one of us. To not let social constructs and boundaries put out each of our unique fire, until we are all just copies of one, bland, beige robot that can be predicted by basic algorithms. 
So wear your new Electric Flow activewear every time you need to awaken your inner light, and show the world you are not bland, you are vibrant! 
All the love!
April 07, 2022 — Haley Byfield

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