Hey Hey! Haley here, 

I am so pumped it's finally Spring time! 

My mood and energy are very affected by the sun, so every winter I struggle starting and ending my days in the dark. Now I'm beyond excited to celebrate spring here at Yoga Democracy with our new drop Golden Girl, a bright sunny print that just makes me feel like I radiate positivity and happiness every time I put on this matching yoga set! I was originally inspired by the 'itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini,' because in those dark winter mornings, I was seriously dreaming of making bellbottom leggings just like that! I couldn't decide on just one set of shapes, so after testing them all out on our machines, I decided to include each rendition with a different one in each panel, all in one print! And I’ve been hearing you ask for more leggings with pockets, so I felt like this was the perfect opportunity with a different pattern on each panel! 

But I couldn't just stop there with this new, sunny collection. Our Golden Girl's best friend is Terracotta Time, which came about while I was potting hundreds of baby succulents in terracotta pots for my sister's desert wedding. With spring on the horizon we laughed that it was 'terracotta time' to bust out our soil & watch our plant babies bloom. Inspired heavily by the color, we tested many variations of the color at our Yoga Democracy workshop and landed on a color that we all love and will compliment so many skin tones! 

Get ready to shine bright like the sun in your new favorite eco-friendly workout outfits by yours truly! 

Love you all,


March 24, 2022 — Haley Byfield

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