2023 was a year to remember. This was the year I’ll always remember as the year I put the real long-term vision I’ve had for my future into action. I traveled the world in a big way with the goal of bringing more, beautiful, sustainable clothes to my community. As I think back on 2023, I feel a wash of tenderness and hope as I call in more for 2024. 

Things I am inviting in in 2024: 

Be brave. 

Do more of what brings me to my flow state. 

Be consistent. 

Dive in and celebrate the things I have worked hard to change. Dismiss things that call me back to where I started. 

Connection comes hand in hand with communication. Communicate more. Call, don’t text.

Complete what I am responsible for. Do not make an excuse. If I sign up for it, then it is due. Make changes to my future choices accordingly.  

Embrace transformation. 

Show up for myself and for others. Emotionally and physically. 

bring play and nuance into my daily life and routine. 

Trust myself to make the calls when things are and are not working. 

Listen to my senses and emotions. 

Create things that I am proud of.  Bring more people what they are longing for. 

Only take on what I can really commit to and fully show up for. 

Enjoy the good things that I have worked for. 

Surround myself with people who spread joy, aliveness, and kindness. 

Positive movement in my projects. 

Do, wear, and consume what I really love. Not what I am told to love, what I genuinely love. 

Generate dopamine through natural means. 

Don’t let the time pass me by. 

I am very proud of what we are bringing you in 2024. I believe it is showing you more of who I am as a designer, and what I hoped to bring you when I started on my fashion journey. 

Starting strong with solid collections to kick off a series of colors that are specially designed to coordinate with your favorite YD prints, in all new styles that I am sure you will love. This was the first time I designed our own proprietary knitted recycled fabric blends, and to have the exact fabric I envisioned for the design come to fruition was an incredible milestone for me as a designer. After dedicating the first 10 years of my fashion journey to knitting, it was a dream come true to get to see the factories where the recycled fibers are spun into yarns, then knitted into a pattern I prepared, and came out as a fabric that I am really proud of and excited to share with you all. I was running around to everyone I knew with hundreds of ultra-soft fabric swatches asking “Which one is WOW?” and I’ll tell you I really believe these bad boys are WOW. 

I’m so pumped to be introducing several new styles, the Trinity Blazer, the Ultimate Trouser, the Sunday Jogger, and the Non-Stop Legging, and guess what…. they all have POCKETS! 

The Trinity Blazer is a jacket that is perfect to throw on over any outfit. Crafted from our luxurious Abundance knit fabric is an all new fabric that is a structured knit, water (and spit up) resistant. This coat is designed to be worn open, as a layering piece, with bold tuxedo-influenced tails, and convenient side pockets.

The Ultimate Trouser is one I’ve been waiting for for a long time because I absolutely love a wide leg pant that can be dressed up or dressed down. Side pockets, and made with our elegant Abundance Knit Fabric, this high waist trouser is the perfect cross-over between your professional and personal life. Pair it with a blazer and a matching bra or crop top for a posh look with a relaxed fit.

The Sunday Jogger has a relaxed fit with a slightly cropped inseam, pockets and cute ties at the ankle to accommodate your ideal fit. Designed with our ultrasoft LuxeRove Knit fabric, this jogger is made to be worn all day everyday, with comfort and action in mind. 

The Non Stop Legging is my new favorite legging style due to the seamless front rise design. The high waist design, and side pockets are here to bring unmatched comfort and convenience to support you on your nonstop journey. 

We welcome back our Bellbottom 2.0 with pockets and a more narrow, flattering waistband, the Open Shoulder Top in the ultrasoft LuxeRove Knit fabric, and the Vitality Tank, which is a super supportive tank that is the perfect length to meet the top of your pants without showing your midriff. 

So in the spirit of transformation and bringing more of me to you, please enjoy this new version of YD. Excited to bring more of what you want to you this year. 

Happy New Year!



January 01, 2024 — Haley Byfield

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