Happy Earth Week! You know I love creating your go-to Eco-conscious activewear and I’m excited to tell you all about this new print drop, Red Rocks, that has become one of my most sentimental favorites. 

Red Rocks was inspired by a photograph I took during a life changing experience in a slot canyon with friends in Northern Arizona. It started on a mile long kayak through Lake Powell and the deeper we went into the canyon, the more I discovered that this experience was emphasizing Mother Earth’s vulnerability. We came to a fork where we continued on foot, as if we were entering her most intimate crevices.The canyon was so magical that  it seemed as though  humans didn’t deserve to hike through such beauty. And yet, I felt grateful that she invited us. 

She exposed her aged rock walls that have been imprinted by millions of years of running water. These walls expose her life story and everything she has been through. We could see through  the vivid and layered changes in her strata the powerful impact of humanity. It is obvious to me that through millions of years, we, as humans, have been her most radical and harmful living counterpart. It’s important to point out that these sacred walls expose not one McDonald’s styrofoam cup in the millions of years of compact sediment. Why? Because she has been here long before us and these rocks will continue to stand tall long after our time on her soil. This trip was a humble reminder of our responsibility to ensure that she is respected. 

Among the hundreds of photos I took in awe of these incredible, natural sculptures, I chose one very specific photograph that made me think deeply about our existence on planet Earth. It is difficult to convey exactly what drew me to this one photograph but, in my heart,  I felt it encapsulated the essence of this trip. This photo showed so much of the earth's historical layers and depth of colors, showing how susceptible each layer was to the extreme changes through the years. Though her foundation is strong, the higher up the walls I looked, the more flakey and vulnerable  the rocks appeared. With one shudder, a thousand pound boulder could come crashing down, where the entire canyon would be compromised. This is a clear analogy for the vulnerable state our earth is in, and it is also a metaphor for when we go through shaky times in life. Those moments do not define us as a whole but there is beauty in exposing those vulnerabilities because it is what makes us human.

So wear this Red Rock matching yoga set to remind you to treat our planet with respect. Make conscious choices to live a life that does not harm her. And it is a reminder to own our layers and expose the depth within us that make us so fascinating and beautiful.

Now get out there and rock it! 


April 22, 2022 — Haley Byfield

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