I’ve been trying to figure out how to put this inspiration into words. I feel like I am unveiling something deeply personal and vulnerable with this new print launch “Wisdom Seeker,” a print that has been inspired by the teachings of my beloved grandfather, who passed away last summer.

The print, which I've named "Wisdom Seeker," is a tribute to the man who shaped so much of my life, my grandfather. He was a truly remarkable man who spread so much light and love to those around him, and dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of education as a school principal. 

He taught me a million lessons, but one I’ll never forget, “Education will set you free.” I realize now he wasn’t just talking about formal education. I think what he really meant was that we have the capacity to absorb all the world around us, and if we have the willingness and grit to harness it and put it back into our world, then we will have the ability to design the life we dream. 

Last year, after his funeral, I arrived back to my house in Arizona and while my sister was staying with me, we both began to notice an owl lingering on the roof, waking us up with his whoot for days in a row, just like grandpa who would sing every morning. To us, it was him. His first flight of freedom in a new form was to visit his two (favorite lol) granddaughters. 

I’ve been working on this print since then. And now, we’re launching it on his birthday, over a year later, I feel it's a beautiful time to set this owl free and let it take flight.

"Wisdom Seeker" is a reminder that our loved ones live on within us, in all our actions we choose to take everyday. It is a celebration that they continue to inspire us even after they've left this world. It combines the grace and mystique of an owl with vibrant, intricate patterns that symbolize the tapestry of thought and knowledge. 

I hope that when you wear this print, you'll feel the same sense of reverence and connection to life, freedom, and wisdom as I intended.

With love,


September 28, 2023 — Haley Byfield

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