In her pursuit of something bigger and better, Darienne took a moment to talk about our latest Wildcat print, sustainability, and all things style! 🖤

Q. What gravitated you towards this print?

A. I loved this print because It made me feel powerful, feminine, and authentic. The big cats out there we know are all of those things. It was fun to embody that.

Q. How does sustainability play a role in your life?

A. Sustainability is a huge part of who I am! I like to think of it similar to yoga practice. It's all practice. A conscious decision every day. I have my own compost at my house to create my own fertilizer and soil. I volunteer with the local farms to understand how consumers can support agricultural communities not just at the weekly farmers' market but day to day. There are so many ways to incorporate sustainability, but my favorite day-to-day is using glass jars for storage around the home.

Q. What inspires your style?

A. Anything that makes me feel powerful and feminine inspires my style! I'm 5'9 and have strong arms, legs, and shoulders. So when clothes fit all of those parts just right, I feel gorgeous.

August 18, 2022 — YD Staff Account

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