Ever since I moved to Phoenix, AZ four years ago, I have thought a lot about the mythical stories of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Though this city is hot in the summer like a Phoenix wrapped in flames, the Phoenix is really symbolic of a rebirth, rising up from the ashes of experiences past, on to new adventures. 

This print, Phoenix Rising, where you can see an elegant Phoenix ascending from the soul of a woman’s silhouette, rather than straight from the ashes, came to me during a cacao ceremony and drum sound bath that I attribute to the start of my rebirth.

As the vibrations from the drums pulsated through my body and the Arizona sun beat down on my skin making every molecule in my body feel present, I envisioned the shell of my body melt away. All the worry and stress, self-hate and critique that I carried in this shell dissipated with the sound. And what was left was the enormous feeling of self love and admiration. That I could celebrate myself for all that I had pushed and prevailed through to get to this current moment. And that I could continue to rise up every time I felt pushed down.

So.. I thought it was the perfect print to share with you on my birthday (!!!) in the spirit of new beginnings and new possibilities. 

When you wear your new Phoenix Rising fit, I hope you feel liberated from the ashes. I hope you feel empowered to ignite the flame that will fuel this release. And I hope you’ll feel inspired by the low moments you may be going through and choose to see them as the opportunity to start all over again. 




August 26, 2022 — Haley Byfield

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