With so many in Texas lives shaken in the wake of the terrible destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, our hearts are heavy. In yoga, we learn about the power of unity to lift others, and know how strong coming together as a community can be. So we're asking you to join in with us to help our neighbors in Texas so tragically impacted by this storm.
Offering a limited edition of our Rosie the Riveter poster inspired We Can Do It  yoga leggings, our Texas Strong leggings will raise funds that contribute directly to the Harvey Relief efforts. All profits from the sale of these leggings will be donated to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief. Additionally, any customers who use the code TexasStrong can save 20% off their order, with 10% of those sales also being donated to the Red Cross (discount code available until 9/14/17). 
The American Red Cross is calling Hurricane Harvey one of the worst flooding disasters in U.S. history, and it's been reported that it caused at least $180 billion in damage. The organization is seeking donor dollars to aid in providing food, shelter, and resources to the thousands of families needing to recover, rebuild, and start again after the storm. Whether near or far, we can do something to help. 
Yoga Democracy makes each pair of our ecofriendly leggings to order, and hand crafts them in our workshop in Arizona. Using fabric derived from post-consumer plastic water bottles, and a non-toxic, no-water dyeing process, our Texas Strong leggings will not only help in giving back, but also are made to leave as small of a carbon imprint, and to be as kind to the environment as possible. 
With a cowgirl twist to our Rosie and the words "Texas Strong" clearly presented, we can proudly show our support of Texas and their resilience, while giving directly to such an important cause.

September 08, 2017 — Better Shipping

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