When one thinks of a desert, you often envision a sea of tan sand and endless brown dry land. However, you may be surprised to learn that when you look a little deeper, the desert can reveal a palette of colorful inspiration, one that has been providing enriched art to Mexican and Native American cultures since the precontact times. It was this natural beauty and historical art that spoke to us when creating our latest collection.

Introducing the Painted Desert Collection of active wear leggings, a series of beautifully inspired prints designed to celebrate the vibrant historical Mexican art of Papel Amate, combined with colors from our local Arizona desert landscape.

The Amate (which comes from the Nahuatl word amatl, meaning paper), was most used by the Mesoamerican cultures, being sourced from the wild fig tree, nettle tree, and mulberry tree, these forms of paper provided a variety of color and tone.  In the original days of its use, Mexican Folk artists, primarily from the Mezcala region, would pull inspiration from nature’s colorful flowers, birds, and animals, along with incorporating village and religious scenes. You can find elements of these, along with our modern eye for design, and desert colors throughout the collection's prints.

Our 8 piece collection of 4 exclusive artwork prints is now available. The collection includes Desert Kiss with a feminine touch of pink, Desert Goddess with rich gold hues, Desert Warrior with bold colors, and Nightfall which welcomes Arizona turquoise against a soft dark gray.  



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September 11, 2017 — Bold Commerce

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