Say hello to our most impactful print yet… our first-ever Prints for Purpose print, Reefcycle! 

What is Prints for Purpose, you ask? 

Prints for Purpose (P4P) was created so that Yoga Democracy’s community of Free Range Humans could have a deeper connection to, and impact on, the nonprofits that we contribute to. 

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we donate one percent of our yearly profits to nonprofits that are partners of the organization. Prints for Purpose builds on our philanthropy, and allows our customers to make a bigger impact. After being a partner for years, we decided it’s time to double down on our commitment. 

During the first 72 hours of each Prints for Purpose release, we will be donating double to the nonprofit handpicked by our team. That means 2% of profits will be set aside to contribute to causes including fighting rampant ocean pollution, protecting wildlife, and conserving resources. 

Our first-ever Print for Purpose release is Reefcycle, with proceeds going to the Ocean Conservancy. 

The Ocean Conservancy was founded in order to protect the ocean from today’s greatest global challenges. Using science-based solutions, the group works to create a healthy ocean for the wildlife that inhabits it, and the communities that depend on it. 

The Ocean Conservancy was founded in 1972, and has been fighting for the health of the oceans ever since. 

When you purchase our Prints for Purpose in the first 72 hours of their release, you’re donating double, and voting with your dollar. 

When you vote with your dollar and choose Yoga Democracy, you choose to fight against fast fashion, and fight for the health wellness of our planet. Your purchase, and vote, truly make a difference!

July 15, 2021 — Hayley Helms

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