Inspired by the foundational practice of yoga, we have designed three unique prints that emulate the energy of three classic yoga poses: Warrior One, Humble Warrior, and Peaceful Warrior. Each of the prints embodies an unique artistic nod to peace, being humble, and bravery, respectively. 

Warrior One, or Virabhadrasana, is one of the core yoga poses with roots in Indian history and Hindu tradition. There are many origin stories and myths that surround Warrior One, but the grounding energy of the pose remains the same. Root yourself in power and stability when you wear our Warrior One Print. 

Manifest stability and confidence when you wear our Humble Warrior Print. Inspired by the Humble Warrior Pose, or Baddha Virabhadrasana, this print is meant to channel the energy brought forth by this iconic yoga pose. 

Humble Warrior helps keep the mind calm, stable, and builds confidence. Wear this print when you’re looking for subtle support, or when you want to bring that energy to others in your life.

Known as Peaceful, and sometimes Dancing, Viparita Virabhadrasana takes direct growth from Warrior II. 

Peaceful Warrior is usually practiced as a transitional pose between Warrior II and downward dog. If you are seeking to embrace a peaceful transition in your life, reach for our Peaceful Warrior Print.

This collection is meant to be worn whenever and wherever you need to channel the quiet strength and stability of yoga. Feel into your inner spirit, and bring your unique energy to the world.


September 13, 2021 — Hayley Helms
Tags: New Release

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