Our Made of Stone Collection has finally dropped! These prints were inspired on my solo trip to Alaska last summer, where I stayed in a van on a mostly dried up river bed for eight days, reading, dancing, hiking, knitting, singing and enjoying this beautiful life. At the time, I felt totally burnt out, void of inspiration and creativity. This beautiful place had all the fixings for an incredible adventure that could reinvigorate and propel me to take my life back.

I already have a rock obsession here in Arizona, but in Alaska it was magnified. As I walked up and down the river bed, I became completely enthralled with every single one of the unique stones that made up a sea of black and gray. Each one of these rocks was like a piece of art. They weren’t inanimate objects. I could feel the energy of the earth radiating from them, calling me to explore each one with my senses.


Each rock felt like it held all the history of our earth in their veins, chips, rounded corners, and variations in color. I believe they each could tell a small piece of the story of how we both got to this exact moment in time. And in that moment in time, it was so clear that I was the visitor and this earth is their home. 

With every step I took, another rock made it into my backpack, then into my jacket pockets, then I was just shamelessly hiking them in my arms back to my camp. As my load got heavier and heavier, each rock that was added to the pile became more valuable to me. Because if I walked past and didn’t pick it up, it would be gone, almost impossible to come back to and find in the vastness of the river bed. 

These two prints are my rendition of rocks that stuck out to me on this journey. The fluid line work, the rough texture, the explosion of striking stone contrasts all made these prints what they are now. 

When you wear this Made of Stone Collection I hope it ignites your sense of adventure. I hope it mends the break between your sense of self and mother earth. I hope it reminds you to sit in gratitude for each moment that is presented to you. And I hope wearing this collection reminds you to take your life back, like it did for me.





February 22, 2023 — Haley Byfield

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