Meet Amalia May (she/her)

@MayMoves (IG/TikTok)

She is a van-lifer, yogi, and self proclaimed forest fairy. She travels the country in her vehicle sharing her knowledge of ayurveda and herbal healing. She creates and sells her own line of herbal oils through her brand Come Alive Herbals. She is a true Yoga Democracy customer and puts our products to the test daily.


Q: What is your favorite thing about the Phoenix Rising Print?

 I love the print and the fact that the Phoenix is rising from the woman. It reminds me to stand in my power, own my growth, and view difficulty as self empowerment through growth. I absolutely love the Ballet Barre long sleeve. It makes me feel like a warriorrrrrr and when i'm wet and a bit cold after a hot yoga class, it keeps my body the perfect temperature.

Q: What does The Phoenix symbol mean to you?

The phoenix symbol is very special to me. I have always associated the heat of my practice with the fire inside me, sparking change and growth. The Phoenix Rising reminds me that challenges are put in place to overcome and level up, they are a gateway to rise up stronger and better than ever!


Q: What is your favorite feature or style in the Phoenix Rising collection?

I can’t pick. I love both the knot top and the Ballet Barre long sleeve for their versatility. I love the reversible knot top because I can practice with the knot up front and then flip it around when the class is over and I don’t feel like I need to change clothes for the next part of my day.  I love the Ballet Barre long sleeve because no matter what temp it is outside, it keeps me at the perfect temperature. It keeps me cool when I am hot and warm when I am cold. I love how fast the fabric dries on everything too.


Q: How does sustainability play a part in your life?

Sustainability is a big part of my life, I think it’s important to use only what you need. Keeping it simple and not having a ton of stuff. To not always be consuming in a world where we’re taught to always be consuming. I travel the world living in my vehicle, so I have gotten really familiar with the impact of waste when space is a luxury. Living in a van helps you consciously think about the waste you create.

I also think it’s important to also keep a sustainable mindset with the concept  of “what you think you become”. Being negative and anxiety driven is the same concept of consuming, and it’s not sustainable for your growth. Check out my tiktok @maymoves for more info on how I live a sustainable lifestyle.

@Maymoves is wearing the new Phoenix Rising knot top, leggings, and Ballet Barre Long Sleeve top in these images. 

August 30, 2022 — YD Staff Account

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