To celebrate the five year anniversary of two of my all time favorite prints, Rustica and Festival Denim, I am so excited to debut their new sister, Folklore

To me, the word folklore represents storytelling. Where there are traditions carried through a story passed onto the next generation. I believe this new Folklore Collection is a continuation of our story that honors our evolution as a brand. Every hand drawn flower carries the energy of what I’ve learned over the last five years running our business. 


The retro updates to the print are subtle but still make this new rendition so fresh and unique. The contrast of the dark background and the brightly colored flowers and vines really makes this print eye-catching and versatile. I personally love the way the line work shapes the body and accentuates our natural, feminine curves. 

I hope this new Folklore Collection accompanies you on the adventures that make your story; whether it be full of action or serenity, I hope you feel supported and empowered. 

September 09, 2022 — Haley Byfield

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