Our latest Art Deco Collection has been on my mind for a while, so I am very pleased to announce its launch! 

Art Deco is the beautiful architecture style of the 1920s, that uses sleek geometric shapes, ornamental gold plated materials, and has come to symbolize the glamorous lifestyle of the roaring 20s. This architectural movement actually derived from a machine and technological shift that happened during this time, so it was the very first development where we could use machine made materials on a large scale to construct such clean and precise line work. 


This collection was perfectly suited for our holiday launch because one of my favorite things to do this time of year is go to the ballet or a broadway show in an old theater that has so much of this amazing visual influence. The whole experience just brings up so much nostalgia; from walking in the front doors of the theater, finding my seat, looking up at the exquisite and elaborate design while waiting for the curtain to open. Each one of these theaters has so much history of bringing joy and entertainment to people and I hoped to carry that essence in each piece of this collection. 


So welcome our newest prints, Art Deco and Elegant Empire, to the Yoga Democracy lineup! I hope they help you stand tall, feel glamorous and embrace your elegance with every step you take this season.

November 07, 2022 — Haley Byfield

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