Here she is… our Ghost Leopard print drop is the final print in our series of cat prints that we rolled out to help us all reconnect with our wild energy. 

I wasn’t actually planning to drop a snow leopard print when I first pictured our Wildcat series. But as I read about this beautiful animal, I felt it had very fitting symbolism, especially for the start of this new year, and needed a collection. 

A little back story: I love to celebrate New Years. I love the freedom and the lightness of a restart. Every year my ritual is to write down everything I want to let go of (mistakes, poor lifestyle choices, negative self-talk, comparison habits etc.) from the closing year and burn it in a bonfire to rid myself of the energy that no longer serves me. Then following up with a thorough list of goals and visions for the year to come. I’m a Virgo, so you know my list is mega long, typed, and full of nearly impossible tasks.

It's a lovely ritual, but with all these goals for the future coming to mind, I can't help but have feelings of inadequacy come to the forefront this year. I feel like my inner critic comes out right as I’m trying to wash all the negativity away. Like, all of a sudden I need to change everything about my life in order to be proud of myself? Are they really even goals of mine or is this a goal that I think I am supposed to achieve by this point in my life or because I see other people achieving this goal?

Fast forward to the Ghost Leopard Print: What I’ve learned about snow leopards is that they are extremely rare. They live in very harsh, snowy conditions in high altitude where their markings and coloring have adapted to the environment, earning them the nickname “Ghost of the Mountain” since their adaptations have made them so elusive. What makes them unique is what has led to their survival. The brown coat of a standard leopard wouldn’t work for a snow leopard living in those white, snowy conditions.

We are all on our own unique path. There is only one you, there is only one me. Only you are in charge of your next step. Your uniqueness, your flaws, your mistakes, and challenges, are all writing your story, and leading you down the path exactly as it is supposed to be. Like the Ghost of the Mountain, what is right for others, may not be what is right for you. 

I hope you wear this new Ghost Leopard Print with confidence in who you are. That you have evolved and adapted to your surroundings based solely on your journey. You honor your unique path by fine tuning your intentions and goals to what is best for you. 

Cheers to the start of another year!


January 19, 2023 — Haley Byfield

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