Introducing Fierce Feline, the second of our wild cat series that is designed in pursuit of reconnecting to my inner wildness. 

It’s the Year of the Tiger, so I thought it was especially important to embody the essence of this majestic animal as we close out 2022. 

The obvious energy a tiger personifies is bravery and fearlessness, but tigers are also very patient creatures. They don’t chase their prey like other big cats. They wait until the perfect moment then pounce from behind. They know that any wrong move could cause them to go hungry, so they move with caution and intention for survival.


This is a really key point that I often need to reflect on as I seek reconnection to my wild nature. I am learning that wildness is not just about letting loose and finding animalistic freedom; it is also connection to the instinctual control that is imperative to these beautiful animals' survival. Thinking before you act, moving at an intentional, slow pace, does not mean I am giving away my power to the faster, reckless competition. It can actually be what fuels my survival. Some of the most profound moments in my life have been on the other side of where bravery is met with intention.


So when you wear this Fierce Feline collection, let the tiger fuel you, ignite a fierce energy within you, empower you to be brave, and take every step with intention and with fearlessness.

October 08, 2022 — Haley Byfield

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