Our Creepin' it Real, Day of the Dead, and Candy Skull prints are back to welcome one of my favorite times of year that brings us some cooler weather, turning leaves, and maybe most importantly, lots of Halloween and Día de Los Muertos celebrations. 

I love everything about October. The costumes, the orange hues all around, and my favorite creepy stuff like insect taxidermy, doll eyes & skeleton-inspired jewelry become wildly more accepted to wear in public. This season means no holds barred when it comes to my love for crystals, tarot readings, past life regressions, and all the spirits that haunt me and check in with me daily. It's an excuse to wear black all the time and bring out my smokiest eyeshadows and burgundy lipstick at 8 am. The list goes on and on. 

But I think that as I write this, I am realizing that my favorite part of it all is the depth of emotion that comes with the spirit of Halloween. It shows me that even my deepest darkest emotions that I am habitually suppressing for ease or other people's comfort should be valued and held sacred.

When I'm scared, my body reacts with a chill that runs down my spine. Every time it is a reminder of how my emotions are so interconnected to my physical body. That my body is listening to my thoughts constantly and unconsciously. These emotions of fear, to be honest, are hard for me to welcome, but every Halloween, I see the world encourage fear because it's that emotion-to-body connection that makes us feel alive. 

So when you wear our Creepy Collection, I hope it helps you accept your darker but still very vibrant energy. I hope you embrace the vulnerability it takes to unveil that side of yourself and invite the fear, the fright, and the shiver down your spine to come to the surface.

September 23, 2022 — Haley Byfield

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