Welcome our newest bright, floral print to join the YD collection, Indie Flow. 

I wanted this print to come to life with big flowers and vivid colors with a sharp contrast background. When we were thinking of names, I knew I wanted it to have a creative spin on the word flower, and when Travis suggested Indie Flow I knew this was the perfect name, I just didn’t know exactly why in that moment.  

It was on my trip to Hawaii, when I got to see one of my very best friends get married to the love of her life, where I understood why this name was right. 

During their ceremony the officiant talked about love being a strong but very fragile thing that needs to be protected. It struck me that all the magical things in our lives, including our state of flow, are fragile like a flower. And just like a flower that radiates life, fertility, beauty, and care, our state of flow needs to be cherished and protected to continue fueling us. Because these beautiful things are birthed when everything in our lives are in perfect alignment, we need to cherish them and defend the things that bring us that flow and fertile energy.

I hope our new print Indie Flow, reminds you to protect the sacred flow state in your life, like you would protect a beautiful, radiant, delicate flower, that has provided you with so much energy, love and light. 


Love, Haley

May 11, 2023 — Haley Byfield

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