Close your eyes, and imagine you're in paradise. 

Do you feel at peace? Are you with people you love? Are you surrounded by singing birds and palm trees? Does the radiant sun glaze your skin with its warmth and nourishment? Can you feel the vibration of ocean waves crashing beneath your feet? Are you pleasantly stimulated by all the vivid colors and novel sounds that you wouldn't experience during your normal hectic day? Is this where your happiness lives? 

I like to believe paradise is a state of mind. We often associate paradise with a physical place, tropical and warm, or maybe mountainous and serene, that propels us to that state of mind. No matter what your idea of paradise is, I think one thing we can all agree on when thinking of our paradise is the sense of peace and joy that place brings us. And everything that brings us that peace, deserves most of our attention. 


I often forget to shift my attention toward the things that bring me the most peace. I grew up in a very chaotic house so I do think I can find peace in the mayhem, but I find myself fixating on the things in my life that bring me the most stress, and ignoring the things that bring me to my center. And it's in my center that I can really root in the fun, and exhilaration in my life. We shouldn't let ourselves get caught up in daily drama and gossip that will drain our energy and dim our light. We are the most powerful when we rid ourselves of stress and give ourselves the freedom to flow in that tranquility that our paradise brings. 


I encourage you to lift the veil of day to day stress that fogs your ability to find that same peace everyday. Underneath, you have a radiance and a glow that needs to be shared. 

When you wear our new print, Tropical Paradise, which emits the joy, fun, and freedom found in paradise, I hope you feel doused in happiness. I hope you are reminded that at any moment you can go to that place, whether it's physically or mentally, you can drop into that which brings you peace, and it is from that place you will grow.

April 13, 2023 — Haley Byfield

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